We are a firm of certified public accountants, founded in Mexico City in 2003. We offer our customers general administrative services nationally, as well as accounting and tax services, financial advisory, collecting, audit and business development, expatriate care, among others. Additionally we offer representation in Mexico for companies with subsidiaries that are not within the national territory.

In Valenzuela-Yánez & Associates, S.C. we recognize and value our customers and we are committed in fulfilling the expectations, giving prompt and accurate information which will be a tool to decision making.

Competitive Advantages

  • More than 30 years of experience in “ Public Accountancy ” and “ Business Advisors”.
  • Certified public accountants by the 'Mexican Association of public accounting', Professional School in the Federal District, B.C. AUTHORIZED to audit federal taxes by Mexican Laws.
  • Certified public accountants for audit quotas of the Mexican Institute of the Social security.
  • Certified public accountants for audit quotas of the INFONAVIT
  • Permanently actualization from all the members of the firm to all levels in fiscal, Taxes, Accountant and administrative areas.
  • We are members with international representation across the international Accountant firm “ Key Will Group ” who has participation in the continents European, Half East and Africa, North, Asia Pacific Ocean and Oceania, North and South of the American continent and now central America across  our firm, “Valenzuela Yáñez y Asociados .S.C.”
  • Permanently we evaluate and implant the best practices in Businesses and update our Technology in Software and Hardware to be competitive and give effective support across technological avant-garde.
  • All our operation is administered across the “Balance Score Card” that provide us an effective control about the business performance in our organization and allow us be competitive in the business world.
  • We advise our clients for the use of the 'Financial Statements' as basic information to do decisions in search of the profitability of his businesses and that allow them an increase of his patrimony and the return of capital invested to each of his associates.

Financial Indicators

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