Get great savings in payroll costs, through the collection field services we offer.
  • Delivery of documents to review.
  • Collection of invoices.
  • Recovery token and proof of payment.
  • Due portfolio.
We are aligned to the objectives established by your billing company, towards achieving synergy in the continuous improvement of your cash flows.
  • Percentage of overdue balances.
  • Assessment of recovery.
  • Joined balances.
Advice Collection systems and processes.
  • Audit processes.
  • Independent verification.
  • Identification, development and implementation of areas for improvement in processes.
  • Simplification of processes and savings in operating expenses.
  • Logistics and distribution of collection routes, managed from your operating system.
  • Judicial Collections
  • Extra Charge
  • Collect and review documents in the field.
  • Telephone collection.
  • Control Bureau.
  • Measurement Objectives, Achievements and Results. .
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